Our Road Trip to Orlando – Day 4 – EPCOT

We arrived at EPCOT at 9 am. We were presented options for Standard ($22) or Preferred ($45) per day. Again with the elite parking options? We checked guidance online while parked in line, and this time it didn’t seem to make sense. Preferred is mostly for park-goers who are handicapped, elderly, etc, who need close access to their vehicle. We opted for Standard, and lo and behold, we found parking right near the entrance alongside Preferred. Guess if you get to the park by 9 am, Standard and Preferred are the same, and you can save some dough.

Security check-in was short, and we entered easily. We had 3 Magic Pass reservations to work around during the day, including Test Track. We also had lunch reservations (with friends) at the Marrakesh in the Moroccan pavilion, and then dinner at Tokyo Dining in the Japanese pavilion. The kids very much wanted to visit the Mission: Space attraction, but we didn’t have a reservation. However, our plan to make a direct line to the place gave us only a 10 minute wait! Kids still loved it, and it’s a good ride. After that, we checked out the flowers, and the Journey in Imagination ride. That was not so good and not worth the time to wait on line. I remember it being better a few decades ago as a kid.

The Ipes (including Josh) enjoyed our time at Test Track

We walked next door to the Pixar Short Film festival, and that was pretty good. 3 Pixar shorts in 3D, and I’d recommend it. Afterwards, we got a small snack, took more photos, then walked over to the World Showcase. We hit up France and Morocco, then grabbed lunch at the Marrakesh restaurant. We met our friends from town Gary, Ellen, and Noah, who were also visiting Orlando for Spring Break. They were doing EPCOT the same day we were, so we decided to have lunch together.

After lunch, we walked around exploring the rest of the World Showcase. We made it to Test Track, which was pretty cool. The kids thought so, especially Josh. 😉

We walked around exploring EPCOT, and it’s still one of my favorite parks within the entire Magic Kingdom. We later back to the World Showcase, grabbing drinks, and checking out a show at the American pavilion. We also grabbed some cool drinks, and relaxed by the water. We walked over to dinner and an alright sushi dinner (I’ve had better for the price.) We hung around after for the fireworks at 9 pm, then we made our way back to the car and the hotel

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