Our Road Trip to Orlando – Day 2 – Orlando, here we come!

Happy Easter!

The Ipes were up early on this Sunday morning, getting ready for church, breakfast/brunch, and getting to Orlando.

Although we were slightly pessimistic about our ability to get to church on time… we got to church on time! Left the hotel more or less on time, drove around and eventually found a parking lot with a few spaces left. We walked the few blocks to Grace Church Cathedral on Wentworth St, and got there a few minutes after the 8 am service officially started. Beautiful cathedral, BTW.

After the service, we took a few photos inside, then walked back to the car and drove to Toast of Charleston on Meeting St. They don’t take reservations, but i found this place weeks earlier and they has good reviews. We waited 15 mins and got s nice table with a window. Breakfast was excellent. Josh had some fancy French toast dish, and Lily had Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce for the first time. I’ve never had it but she loved it.

Back to the hotel for some more Easter Sunday photos in the hotel lobby, then to change our clothes, finish packing, and check out. The drive from Charleston through the rest of South Carolina, Georgia, and the northern half of Florida was pretty uneventful.

Okay, I got a speeding ticket from a nice police officer in Yemassee, South Carolina about an hour or so outside of Charleston. I was distracted and talking to the rest of the family and enjoying the scenery, and he swung around from the other side highway. Doh! He did offer me a choice of violations to pay for, and he “would know which one” I went with by how much I sent in. Only in South Carolina.

We hit some rain around Orlando, but found the Residence Inn easily enough. Unbeknownst to us, the Residence Inn was next door to the Homewood Suites we stayed at 3 years prior. Wow, that was a weird coincidence. We checked in, but had one more surprise for the kids….

After thoroughly shocking the kids, we went to our real room, began to unpack. We started planning a mini vacation together with the Winters family a month or two ago, and we decided to keep it a surprise from all of the kids. They would do their own thing, but we would hang out at Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios.

We freshened up for dinner at Enzo’s Hideway at Disney Springs. My first time at Disney Springs, and wow, what a nice outdoor mall. Free parking. Lots of performers singing etc. Crazy nice. After another hour of walking around, we decided to head back, and get some rest before tackling Universal Studios on Monday.

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