We went to see Trevor Noah at Radio City Music Hall

Christmas, my wife bought me (us?) two tickets to see Trevor Noah at Radio City Music Hall on Friday Jan 12th. The big evening finally arrived. I took off Friday, and we left around 5 pm. We hit some serious traffic on the way to Newark, and our plans to eat dinner before the show (or at least grab some drinks) fell through. After taking 2.5 hours to make it to N.Y., we felt lucky that we even made it on time. There was a huge crowd… HUGE! waiting to get in. We had enough time to stand in line to purchase two reasonably-priced-for-Manhattan mixed drinks, and then get to our seats and……..

Wait around a bit longer, as people were still filing in. Okay, and soon enough…. the warm-up comedian “Angelo” came out for 15 mins.  He was fine.

Finally, Trevor Noah came out, and he was really good. I spent most of the time watching him on one of the large screens hanging above him, as you could see him, but not his face.

After the show ended at 9:30 PM, we were hungry for some dinner, and we walked around the block to Hama on 51st St. The kitchen was going to close at 10 PM, so we dashed in and ordered some dinner. Small basement restaurant, but nice decor and good food. I especially liked the design of the entrance and stairway down to the restaurant. Something about the white-on-white, then the black. Clean and modern. Really caught my eye.

We walked to 7th Ave to catch the subway down to WTC, then the PATH train to Newark, picked up our car, and drove home.

Funny story — a few days later, Namita was talking to her sister on the phone, and found out that she and another family friend were also in attendance at the Trevor Noah show that exact same time. They were seated on the other side, and we actually walked by there (outside) on the way to Hama, and yet didn’t know they were there, or see them. Funny.

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