We bought ourselves a new KitchenAid cooktop

First new home improvement for 2018 – a new cooktop.

We started looking late last year, but didn’t find very much that we liked. Even then, it’s a bit of a process:

  1. Go to a home improvement store and find all these options that may or may not fit.
  2. Pay (and schedule) for someone to come out and measure your current cooktop,
  3. Wait for them to show up daya later.
  4. The plumber takes a few days to report back the exact measurements.
  5. Go back to the store and try to figure out what will or won’t work.

Initially, we had our eyes on a particular 30″ Samsung model, but all their new models have a 1.5″ long Wi-Fi antenna that sticks out. Don’t really need Wi-Fi on my cooktop, but there’s no way to remove it. Unfortunately, we learned that the Wi-Fi antenna wouldn’t fit in our current cutout.

Back to the drawing board.

Ultimately found (and ordered) a KitchenAid model online. I called up our local Lowe’s store, and they didn’t think it would fit either, according to the measurements on the Lowe’s website. Argh! I went back to the store in person, spoke to an appliance person, and we checked the actual KitchenAid website. It should fit, and it did.

The model is a nice upgrade from our previous model that was original for the house. The old cooktop was functional, but we wanted something newer and matched our other appliances. Also, the prior model had 18 years of burned on crud that couldn’t be cleaned off.

    • Stainless steel to match our other appliances.
    • 5 burners with an optional griddle.

    Looks nice. Works well. No Wi-Fi but i guess that’s okay. šŸ˜‰

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