Ha! Swapped out old hard drive for new SANDISK SSD and it’s so much faster

A few weeks ago, we had a random power outage, and it seemed to have corrupted our kitchen PC. Not sure what happened exactly, but the hard drive came down with some serious drive errors. Even with a repair, it was slow and wonky.

Fed up, I rebuilt it with a fresh Windows 10 install, and it was still slow. At one point during boot up, I swear I saw drive consistency error messages. Maybe the drive was irreparably damaged. The kids primarily use it for homework and checking our calendar and tasks, so a non-functioning or slow machine doesn’t work.

I found a SANDISK 240 GB SSD hard drive for about $74 so I ordered it and it arrived late Friday. We don’t store any data locally, so this was an easy migration. I watched a video on how to remove the back off of a Dell Inspiron 24 3000 all-in-one PC, and it took me 20 mins in total from start to finish. Easy peasy.

What took longer was getting the PC to boot from USB. I used it only a few weeks ago, and now it wouldn’t boot. After spending 30 mins, I went back to look at the actual USB flash drive contents, and I was annoyed to find I had the wrong drive. Doh!

I found the right drive, booted up with no issues, and it was smooth sailing. Doctor, the operation was a success.

Now I’m installing software and other updates. Damn, it’s fast. And all this time, I thought the processor sucked. It was just the original clunky Toshiba 5400 RPM drive that came pre-installed.

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