Rise Against Hunger Lock-In

On Friday Dec 15th, Josh and I participated in the Rise Against Hunger Lock-In at the Episcopal cathedral down in Trenton. It was a long week at work, and I had just pulled a an all nighter Thursday night. It was a bit snowy outside, but I rushed home, we got our sleeping bags and other supplies together. We drove down to Trenton in the snow to the cathedral, and luckily we only missed a little of the initial ice breaker. This was our first time attending the lock-in, but I’ve done something similar when I was in a church youth group back in the 1988/1989.

The kids participated in a brief Friday evening church service, we had a late snack (pizza?), then the kids, then the kids hung out playing games until 11Pm. Due to the lack of sleep all week, I was exhausted and tired. While the kids played games, other adults were helping to bring in the Rise Against Hunger supplies. I normally would have assisted, but I was running on fumes by this point. I found a comfortable table, and fell asleep. I woke up around 1 AM, and found a huge assembly line with teenagers and adults helping to pour, pack, and package soup bags to be donated to less fortunate people around the world through Rise Against Hunger.

I had already missed out, so I just hung around until they were done. They finished sometime around 3 AM, then helped clean up. Joshua considered going to play some more downstairs, but he was also tired, so we camped out in our sleeping bags in the same room you see in the photo below. We were all up 3 hours later, and we had to leave the cathedral by 7 AM. I had another church youth group member with me, and I dropped her off at our church in South Brunswick early Saturday morning. 

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