Dining Room Renovation Project – Week 1

What’s one or two more home improvement projects for 2017?

Since we moved in, the dining room has received the least of any updates. That’s not entirely true as we paid for brand new carpeting back in July 2014 after we moved in. We had to do that as the previous owners hid the damaged carpet areas. Surprise!

Anyway, time for a quick update. We had one of our contractors spend a week painting the walls & ceiling, resurfacing our existing dining table. We put in a new chandelier. We replaced the old seating with new fabric chairs.

So far…


After a week, we’re almost there. What’s left to complete in the next few weeks:

  • Hang up new window treatments
  • Put in a bench for additional seating on the window side of the table
  • Hanging up new artwork on one wall
  • Decorating another wall with family pictures
  • Put in a new sideboard for all of china, utensils, napkins, and to serve food

We’re gonna stick with the carpeting for a few more months, but then we plan to install new hardwood flooring in Q1 or Q2 2018, and put in a rug.

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