Boy Scout Troop 59 – Quail Hill Camping Trip

Joshua went camping with his fellow Boy Scouts last weekend in the bitter cold. The Ipes are generally fair weather people, and we’re not about cold weather activities. However, Josh needs 20 nights of camping as a Boy Scout in order to earn his BSA Camping merit badge, which is Eagle Scout required. The good news is Josh has obtained 15/20 in the past almost two years. So off he went to go camping out at the Quail Hill Troop Reservation in Manalapan NJ. The plan was two nights of camping (Friday night & Saturday night), plus a Saturday hike through Manalapan and Freehold.

The wrinkle this weekend was the weather forecast – bitter cold! Seriously, down to less than 20 degrees. At some point, the Troop leaders decided Friday night would be too cold, so they decided to cancel the Friday night start. Instead, they would go hiking Saturday as planned, then set up camp and sleep over one night only. The Ipes had a free night together, so went to see Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, then get some dinner at Panera, and frozen yogurt down in Hamilton.

We picked up one semi-frozen boy on Sunday after lunch. He said the camping trip was good overall, but it was seriously cold. He helped cook bacon for Sunday morning’s breakfast and said his hands were frozen.

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