I purchased an Echo Dot and I think it’s interesting

After waiting a few years, I decided to pick up an Echo Dot for $50 in October. We’ve got a few friends who have an Echo product, and I’ve been growing more curious about messing around with one. We’ve got a few devices that are compatible. And I’ve been watching detailed reviews online for a few months.

After unboxing the Dot, it was fairly easy to set up. I’ve got plugged in via 3.5 mm audio cable to our Sonos Play:5, which I also moved down to eye level. I had the speaker perched above the kitchen cabinets, but after a few weeks, I found the audio fidelity to be surprisingly lacking. Maybe it was the height. Maybe it was the cabinets. Maybe it was the distance from speaker to ears. In any case, it sounds a lot better now, and the touch buttons are accessible and usable again.

So now that we’ve got the Echo Dot, what are we doing with it? Not developing amazing lighting scenes yet, but I’ve got it hooked up to our Spotify account, and we’re adding items to our lists within Cozi (family calendar and tasks.) I have integrated it with our Honeywell thermostats so that’s cool. Connecting it to our Iro Rachio sprinklers hasn’t been exciting – sometimes it’s better to use the app.

It’s also good for jokes, timers & alarms, and telling us the weather forecast. So far, I like it. I find myself wishing we had one upstairs. Have I mentioned that I’m interested in the Sonos One?

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