I think I found a good 4 bike rack for the Armada

I think I found an appropriate (albeit expensive) hitch-mounted bike rack that accommodates 4 bicycles (adult and children sizes), with security features, and tilts out of the way if you need to open the rear liftgate – the  Saris Freedom SuperClamp 4-Bike 

Key product features for us:

  • Streamlined, lightweight and rugged – carries up to 4 bikes of any type (190 lb total).
  • Dual hooks provide best-in-class security without touching the frame of your bike.
  • Tilting feature allows access to rear of vehicle, even when fully loaded.
  • Integrated locks for bikes and hitch.

Yes, a four bike rack. When we go on trips, we can’t take our bikes. When we went to Maryland earlier this year,we had to take my bike because that’s the only one with a bike rack.

For a long time, I had my eyes on a particular Thule model that also folded out of the way, but there are a number of customer complaints that the rack doesn’t lock into the hitch very securely, and needs to be pushed back in occasionally. Hmmm, no thanks. I want something that locks into place and won’t leave a trail of cherished bicycles along the highway.
This model retails for $799, but we have a Saris 3 bike rack for my car, and it’s fantastic. It’s a good brand with good quality behind it. And they’re all produced in Wisconsin!

Our next big road trip is end of August to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, so we’ve got a month to pull the funds together (after purchasing a new car AND new HVAC systems this week) to save up and purchase it. Josh and I plan to go bike riding along the beach at least once, and I expect to ride 2 or 3 times that week.

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