HVAC Replacement Project – Phase 1 is 85% complete

Oooooh, is that…. air conditioning? What a nice feeling to walk upstairs and not crash into a heavy later of hot and humid air. First time in 2 two weeks.

It was a hot day so the technicians couldn’t finish the entire project. What’s left is to install the attic fan (“powered attic ventilator”), and to fish an additional Y2 wire down to our 2nd floor thermostat so you all can witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!  

Our new Trane XR17 condenser (1 of 2) is huge compared to the old equipment

I mean, two-stage condenser. Nah, I meant battle station. I hope we can get the other 15% completed next week. 

After that, Phase 2! 

Then the first monthly bill!

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