Father’s Day 2017

On Father’s Day, the family presented me some gifts…… that we picked up from Best Buy the night before! A pair of Sonos Play:1 speakers for the Lounge, and the Uncharted Collection for PS4, which is really for the kids to play. Gotta love it. I’ll do a separate review about the Sonos speakers later this month.

After church in the morning, and a “Dads and Grads” brunch at church, I went biking for 20+ miles around the area. In the evening, we drove to Big Ed’s in Matawan (same restaurant we went to for my birthday in April.) It seems Big Ed’s is pretty popular on Sunday nights or Father’s Day because the line was ridiculous. Even with our 7 pm reservation, we didn’t get seated until after 8 pm. Folks waiting for their 6 pm reservations didn’t get seated until after 7:30 pm. At least the food was delicious.

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