Herbicide leak

Two weeks ago I was working from home and I happened to look out of the home office window to the backyard. I was surprised to see this long tendril of dead grass stretching towards the house. We had issues with TrueGreen where they killed patches of our lawn last year, but this seemed….. new.

I walked out in the rain and followed the trail of dead grass to a large area of dead grass, and a dead white pine tree. This couldn’t be possible.

I spoke to our new lawn care and tree care folks, and they both guessed it was a leaking can/pack of herbicide. I spoke to Garden Artisans, who I contracted with earlier this year to perform a spring cleanup and lawn cutting for 2017. They now believe that a portable herbicide sprayer leaked when they were on site for the big cleanup in April. Crazy.

Anyway, they came back this week to mulch, to dig up and replace all of the contaminated soil, reseed the lawn, and cover it with hay. I’m glad they did all that, but would have preferred some money back. Let’s see how the lawn comes back.20170501_183521

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