Call me crazy, but I think Casa de Ipe is looking good

With the flowers blooming, I thought to myself, “Hey, Casa de Ipe” is looking good!”

I should hope so, because not only have we been cleaning up and renovating the interior of the house, I’ve been working to ensure the outside is looking good too. Lots of elbow grease and personal checks were key to the current results.

  1. We changed our general property cleanup company this year back to Garden Artisans. I used another local company in 2016 for lawn cutting and cleanup but didn’t find them easy to reach for questions and concerns. I also requested their assistance to fix our outdoor lighting but they never did, and tried to charge me for it. We got that charge corrected, but still couldn’t get them to fix it. Don’t need that. Apart from the recent herbicide leak, Garden Artisans seem professional and easy to reach.
  2. I looked at both TrueGreen and Lawn Doctor last year for lawn, tree, and shrub care, and ultimately contracted with TrueGreen. I had high hopes, but they were terrible. That’s the nicest way I can describe it. While there was no discernible improvement to the shrubs, bushes, and trees, our lawn took a beating. We had large areas infested with crabgrass. Dead patches of lawn. Ridiculous. Based on a neighbor’s recommendation, we are using  a company based out in Hamilton named Stirling Lawn Care.
  3. Concerned about our trees, including a dying white pine tree in our backyard, I used a friend’s recommendation to hire Princeton Tree Service to remove three dying trees, and to prune a number of others. I liked them so they will be out later in the year to provide nutrients and healthy mulch for the trees.
  4. We’ve decided to try gardening again this year, which I’ve posted about earlier.

That’s what we’ve got going on. It’s a lot, but I’m proud to see the improvements. Still gotta get the backyard patio working. Dang it.

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