The Ipes go to Broadway to get “On Your Feet!”

Last Christmas, Namita and I didn’t want to purchase more “things” for the kids. Sometimes they use it, sometimes they don’t. Instead, we bought 4 tickets to see On Your Feet!, The Musical for Tuesday February 28 2017. Namita found this deal / event called “Kids on Broadway” which promotes getting kids interested in musicals. You buy one adult ticket, get 1 children’s ticket free. You had to see one of the participating shows that specific night.

I had to be in the office that day, so the family ended up taking the train right after school, and meeting me in Times Square. I made reservations earlier at Havana Central on 46th St. Come on, how fitting? Cuban cuisine for dinner, then a musical about a Cuban Latina crossover pop star? Besides a common theme for the evening, Cuban food is delicious. The restaurant was very crowded with many other folks who had come out for the Kids on Broadway promotion. We had a dinner reservation for 5:30 pm, but we didn’t get seated until 6 PM. By the time we received our entrees, it was 6:40 PM. We Ipes know how to hustle, and we scarfed down our dinners in 15 minutes. We quickly paid the bill, then jogged quickly to the Marquis Theater (also on 46th in the Marriott Marquis hotel), without messing up our perfect hair.

The show was very entertaining, and the entire family enjoyed it. I thought it was a little slow in the beginning, but the pace picks up 25% of the way in. The music is good too. Afterwards, we had an opportunity to stay after the show was over, and participate in a Q&A session with some of the cast members. We couldn’t stay very long, because we had a 73 minute train ride to still catch. We  grabbed a cab down to 34th St, then caught the next train (packed with Rangers fans) to Princeton. It was a long day for everyone, and we got home around midnight,

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