Lily’s 9th Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we celebrated Lily’s birthday a few days early by inviting about 20 kids over to our house for a detective-themed party. 

We purchased a detective / mystery story online, printed out multiple copies, purchased “detective” party supplies (pens, clipboards.) We also had kind friends and older kids play the various parts / suspects in the mystery of who dognapped someone’s dog before it could compete in the town’s big dog show.

I’m really glad we had help managing all of these 9 year olds running around our house, and to play various characters. I’d say the kids had a lot of fun, and our house survived in one piece. 

In case the mystery was kiling you, I played Officer Pickles.

In the evening, we put the house back together, my sister Julie and her family stopped by for dinner, and left to catch my 7:45 pm flight to Columbus Ohio.

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