Have you ever had a vacuum cleaner emergency, and had to run out to buy an emergency vacuum cleaner? Just me?


Dyson Big Ball Animal+Allergy

Have you ever had a vacuum emergency, and had to run out to buy an emergency vacuum cleaner? Because I did one fine Wednesday night. Our amazing handy dandy Electrolux Precision Brushroll vacuum cleaner, purchased less than three years ago, was having issues. The power button was either always stuck in the ON or OFF position. I’ve been fiddling with it, took it somewhat apart, and fixed it temporarily. Now, it was acting up again, and the woman who cleans our house now was really struggling with it.

Now it’s Wednesday, the vacuum cleaner is still misbehaving, and won’t turn on unless you crouch down and hold it in the ON position. After work, I rushed home, and then ran out to our nearby Lowe’s to buy a Dyson Big Ball Animal+Allergy vacuum cleaner before the store closed. We had a Dyson in the past, and it was pretty good, and lasted about eight years.  This one has about 47 different attachments, and 512 mini cyclones, each one dangerously close to escaping and terrorizing the world.

So far, it’s been pretty good. I don’t quite know what happened with the Electrolux. It’s an interesting vacuum cleaner with a cool brushroll cleaner (that easily cleaned the brushroll of hair), but I didn’t think the overall unit was durable. I had two attachment things that hold the actual two attachments on the vacuum break on me. Also, the cord was rather short.

The Dyson seems pretty good so far. And that’s all I’m really gonna expound about regarding a vacuum cleaner.

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