Namita’s 40th birthday painting party with the family

For Namita’s grand 40th birthday party this year, we had a number of parties, get-togethers, and trips.

On her actual birthday, I left the office early, the kids took their sweet time finishing their homework, and we were off to a painting party at Art Around the Corner in Freehold. Instead of sitting around a dinner table at a restaurant, I suggested we do something different like painting. So that’s what we did.

Namita and Josh opted to paint a sample piece of artwork of their choosing. Lily and I were not as sure of our own painting prowess, so we opted to paint pottery. Namita painted a nice romantic couple. Joshua ended up painting an unexpectedly forlorn fox. Lily painted a cat. I painted a robot.

Afterwards, we got out of there pretty late, so we didn’t have time to make it to the Vietnamese restaurant that we had originally planned. Instead, we moved the car 50 feet away from its original spot, and had dinner by ourselves at Mahzu in Freehold. We laughed, we ate …. you know how it is with family.

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