Our Trip to Michigan for Sean & Rechana’s Wedding

Our friend Sean was getting married in January, so we flew out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, a 3 day weekend here in the States. The plan was to pack Friday night, leave early Saturday morning, attend the rehearsal dinner Saturday night, wedding Sunday afternoon, fly home Monday early afternoon.

We flew out early Saturday morning from Newark airport. Naturally, all the off-airport parking lots were full by late Friday night. We considered parking in long term parking / economy, but now we were running late, and ended up parking in the semi-short term parking near the rental car center. Why did we do this? We thought we might have time to park in a long term lot and catch a bus, but who knew how soon the bus would show up early on a Saturday? We felt the monorail was a safer, more reliable option. We grabbed a quick continental breakfast in a Terminal A concourse, took an uneventful flight to Detroit, and landed early. We picked up our Hertz rental car, and drove to Royal Oak to meet up with Doug and Kathy for lunch at a Mongolian BBQ place.

After lunch, we checked into our hotel, the Residence Inn in Warren MI, and enjoyed a little downtime. In the evening, we attended the rehearsal dinner as planned, met a number of NJ folks we knew who (turns out) are related to Sean via marriage. We also met the bride-to-be Rechana. Nice girl. After the dinner, we went with Doug & Kathy to a local Dairy Queen for dessert.

Sunday morning, Josh and I drove over to Sean’s home to help the groomsmen get ready. Josh and I also had to drive to the Macy’s in Novi Michigan to pick up a blue tie that we never got a chance to buy for him.

Sunday afternoon and evening was all about the wedding and reception. They all went pretty well.

Monday morning, we were packing up, and grabbed brunch with Paul, Biji, and their kids. Then we were off racing to the airport, trying to find a gas station near the rental car return center, dashing to the terminal, and made our flight without further fuss or muss.

Overall, a successful getaway to Michigan in January, and no one froze to death. I’m glad we made it to the wedding. Apart from being there for Sean, we ran into many friends and acquaintances who were very impressed (?) that we made the effort to fly all that way from NJ to Michigan for the wedding. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but I guess it it was nice that we felt appreciated.

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