Yeh man, the Ipes went to Jamaica – Monday

In the morning, we agreed to endure a 90 minute breakfast and tour of their vacation club / timeshare program. I found it humorous that they tried to snooker us on Sunday’s post check-in by saying we were invited to their “1 year anniversary celebration” which would include breakfast (at the same place everyone has breakfast.) If we saw through their little game, why did we go through with it? For the four free tickets to a Dunn’s River Falls excursion (plus transportation.) So we had breakfast with “Luis Felipe” and got a tour of some very nice (albeit expensive) rooms. They took us back to the offices, plied us with drinks, and they listened to all of our fervent “No thanks!” They tried to bring a “Closer” guy to try to seal the deal, but we weren’t interested. They tried to us a beautiful woman to sell us another package, but we took our tickets and ran.

Free excursion on Wednesday!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun. And the pool. And the food. And certainly the drinks. The resort had an entertainment crew stationed by the pool to keep guests… you know, entertained. The had a blast at the body boarding area. We soaked it all up.

In the evening, we made reservations for all of excursions, reservations, and appointments. We went to Momo, their popular Teppanyaki restaurant. Very good food. And the bar can make some mean mojitos.

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