Back to work

Folks, I gotta be honest, it’s good to be working again.

I’ve been working at Deutsche Bank since May 31 2016 in their audit department, auditing IT risk and controls around vendor management. It’s similar in many ways to the third party risk management work I performed at JPMorgan Chase two years ago. Through connections and old friends, and DB’s process, I was able to complete the entire interview process and had an offer in hand within two weeks.

It was a disconcerting first half of the year for me, which I wrote about in an earlier post. I was out of work for most of March, April, and May. In that time, I spent quality time with the family, did stuff around the house, studied for my June CRISC certification exam, hung out with friends, and enjoyed life for a while. Sometimes it was hard to relax, because I had nothing lined up, and the interview process was admittedly strange at a few organizations I checked out.

It feels good to be back on track. The team is great. Management is approachable. I’m doing work that is much more interesting than QA’ing the work of other auditors. And I get to travel every once in a while.

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