13 Year Anniversary Dinner, and Anjelah Johnson at the Stress Factory

Can 13 years fly by that quickly without noticing? I’m sure it can, but it seems like an odd number to say that about. It’s not a round number. It’s really one of those seemingly nondescript numbers in the middle between 10 and 15. Am I rambling? 


For our 13th wedding anniversary, we decided to switch up for variety. We had the kids stay with one of the grandparents overnight, and we went out for dinner at Sahara in New Brunswick. It’s one of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants, but we haven’t been there in a long while. 

Parking is always always beast in New Brunswick but it was especially that Saturday evening. We eventually found parking after circling around, then ate one delicious dinner.

After dinner, we moved the car to another parking garage, and hit up the bar at Old Man Rafferty’s for a few drinks. Now we were ready for the main event – we’re big fans of the comedian Anjelah Johnson. Nums and I saw her Bon Qui Qui show earlier this year in May down at the Gramercy. Good show, but we were pretty far from the stage.

I found out she would be performing at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick. Hmmmm. And if we went in for VIP seats, we could participate in a meet & greet after the show. Double hmmmmm. If you’re not aware, Stress Factory is one of the premiere comedy clubs in NJ. a few years ago, we saw Amy Schumer perform before her career took off.

We stood in a long line for a long time to get into the Stress Factory, then waited another 45 minutes for the show to actually start. One female comedian (forgot her name) did her act, and she was good. Old school NY DJ Cipha Sounds came out, and did his set. (I was not aware he was doing comedy now, but whatever pays the bills?) He was decent.

Finally Anjelah came out and she was great. We had excellent seats. Once the show was over, we hung around so we could get queued up to go into the green room. They cut your bracelet and tell you to have your camera ready, because you won’t have much time. 

We went in, and she was really friendly. We told her the show was great, and that the whole family loves her performances (even the kids.) And we mentioned seeing the Bon Qui Qui show earlier. Time for the photo, we said thanks and good night, and we were ushered out.
It was a long day, and a longer night, but it was worth it.

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