Attending Sean’s Bachelor Party in Cancun, or “SeanStock 2016!” – Day 3

As part of the vacation planning, the groomsmen booked us all on this catamaran boat trip to the little island Isla Mujeres. We had most of the attendees come along, and we grabbed our chartered bus to the pier. The boat trip included:

  • Drinks (beer and some sugary drinks – meh)
  • An opportunity to snorkel on the way to Isla Mujeres (I don’t swim so I hung out and took photos)
  • An opportunity to either walk around or drive around on a golf cart (I drove four of us around the island like a Mexican cabbie)
  • Lunch on a nearby small island (not bad but it was a battle against the hordes of flies)
  • An opportunity to para sail (I took photos only)

I’ve never done something like this, and I don’t snorkel. However, as I sat on the side of the boat, feet dangling over the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea, I had to admit this was pretty nice. Vacations are important. After the craziness of all those meaningless late nights at AIG, the layoff, the difficulty and stress of the job search, I’ve been wound up too tight to relax. With my feet dangling over the edge, the Sun shining down, I felt a lot of tension finally release this year.

When we arrived at Isla Mujeres, we picked up our lunch and golf cart tickets, and four of us grabbed a golf cart. I drove us down the street towards one end of the island, with a brief stop for drinks. Once we reached the end of one side of the island, we hit the circle, and went driving to the other side. We stopped at another circle to get our feet wet at a crowded beach.

After returning the golf cart, we grabbed some drinks at a local open air dive bar. I ended up having a nice conversation with the two bartenders about themselves and the island. Whistles sufficiently wet, we went back to board the boat,and head to lunch.

It seemed that a number of boats come here for lunch. We stood online for lunch, and I avoided any foods that had too many flies on it. Yeah not the most appetizing and my least favorite aspect of the trip. I’m glad no one got sick.

We later got on the boat, and headed back for the mainland, with a short stop for this para sailing thing. I was glad to finally get back to the hotel for a little rest. We all chilled out for a bit, then went back into town for dinner at a steakhouse, then went to Coco Bongo to party. Unfortunately, Coco Bongo was so crowded, you could barely move. We all eventually got separated, then made our way back to the resort…. eventually.

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