Attending Sean’s Bachelor Party in Cancun, or “SeanStock 2016!” – Day 1

This trip had finally arrived — my friend Sean’s bachelor party. He’s one of the last guys to get married, and has been a groomsmen in many weddings.  It was finally time to celebrate and make him the man of the hour. Sean’s bachelor party (or “SeanStock”) was in Cancun. Almost 15 guys were flying down to Cancun for four days of fun in the sun. Most of us were arriving on Wednesday, and leaving on Sunday, which made event planning and transportation to/from the airport easier to coordinate.

My friend Doug and I agreed to fly down together from Newark Liberty International Airport on Wednesday morning, but somehow we ended up on different United flights. I was booked on the 9 am, and he was booked on the 10 am. It also turned out that my flight was overbooked, Doug’s flight was undersold, and United was desperate to get folks on my flight to take a later flight. For once, I wasn’t in a rush. I offered to transfer to the 10 am flight, and was rewarded with a $400 airline voucher (paid for my flight), a 1st class seat to Cancun on the 10 am flight, and a $10 voucher for free breakfast that morning.

I made out like a bandit.

Flight was beyond uneventful — it was so comfortable. Once we arrived, we met the rest of the guys at the airport, then we all took the shuttle to the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort. Many of us had come to this resort back in December 2006 for another friend’s bachelor party — wow, 10 years ago? Time flies, I guess. Also, man, I had much more hair back then. Anyway, the resort looked almost exactly the same, except in better condition this time around. 10 years ago, the resort owners were still rebuilding after Hurricane Wilma. Much better today.

After we all checked in, we enjoyed the view from our respective room balconies, we chilled out at the bachelor’s room for a bit, then hopped a bus into town for for dinner and drinks at Carlos ‘N Charlie’s. This consisted of the shot lady walking around convincing us to buy shots of Fireball, and wearing stupid balloon headgear. We wandered the strip a bit, then took a bus back to the resort.

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