Joel’s review of The Boss (2016)

The kids were away at camp early this summer, and Namita and I took a day back then to hang out sans children. We grabbed lunch and went to see The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell. McCarthy plays the titular “boss”, the CEO of her own personal brand company. She makes speeches in large arenas about success, sells books, etc. In reality, she’s a foul mouthed bully.

As you have gleaned from the movie trailer and TV spots, she is convicted of fraud (I think it was insider trading) and goes away to a minimum security prison a la Martha Stewart. When she gets out, her company is gone and she is destitute. She hunts down her former assistant (Kristen Bell) and camps out there with Bell and her young daughter. McCarthy’s character looks to restart her career, but also needs to find redemption.

It was an okay movie, but not much depth. I don’t know how much depth one should expect in a comedy like this. The jokes are okay, the various scenes are okay, but overall this was a maybe rental or good option to watch on TV when you want some mindless entertainment. movie_theboss

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