The end of an era — Lily’s last dance recital

13230150_10209618439122770_4055507283697973083_nIt’s the end of an era . After 5 years, Lily is done with dance. No more jazz hands. No more ballet. No more hip hop. No more… wait, I think that was it. Just three kinds of dance.

Truth be told, she was kinda done after last year, but held one more year to hit the 5-year mark. We did switch her to All For Dance, a different dance school in Robbinsville, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  She was done. I hope she got something out of it. An appreciation for dance. Working with other girls. Maybe she’ll barely remember the experience. Who knows. We certainly were not going to force her to participate in an activity she wouldn’t enjoy.

This is parenting. You introduce them to different experiences, and find out what they like and don’t like. Josh used to love dinosaurs, but now, meh.  Both kids sorta liked soccer, but lost interest after a few seasons. Anyhow, here are photos from her last recital. No more dance costumes and Saturday morning classes!

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