Attending the American Young Voices concert in Newark

A few months ago, Josh, his friend Kaiya, and a number of other 5th graders signed up for this American Young Voices program through school. Me being me, I didn’t know any of this. One day, he brought home a CD with a medley of cover songs, which he was supposed to practice at home.

Turns out, all of the practicing was leading up to the American Young Voices concert at the Prudential Center on May 26. Apart from my wife, Josh, and most everyone involved, who knew?

The kids participating were heading to Newark directly from school in the morning. Lily was hanging out with friends for the evening. Nums and I made plans to drive to Newark for an early dinner at Fornos, then drive to the Prudential Center. Dinner was excellent — you can’t help but appreciate an informal dinner date on a Thursday night.

We made our way to the Pru Center, got our floor seats, and saw a few of the parents. It was rather amazing to see so many thousands of kids from all over NJ participating. I think it was nearly a third of the area. There were professional singers and musicians on stage who sang and played along with the kids, a conductor, and an emcee for evening.

All in all, it was pretty cool. After the concert ended, we made our way back to the car. Josh and the rest of this classmates would be returning to the school via school bus later that night.

While we waited for Josh to get home, we picked up Lily, and started packing for our Boston road trip Friday morning.

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