Josh at the NJSFWC state spelling bee

We were back in New Brunswick with a lot of other folks for the NJSFWC state spelling bee. Lots of smart kids. We were of course here two weeks ago for the regional competition where Josh placed second.


Josh has returned to spell!

After Lily went with some friends in the morning to her dance class, we drove up to New Brunswick. The competition eventually started and yes, it was still nerve-wracking. Josh said his goal was to make it to 1st this year, but it was not to be. The word that tripped him up?


Oh well. Surprising, but what can you do. Spelling bees are tough. I had to ask him what happened, because he should have known that word. He said he was feeling hot and lightheaded up there, and he got mixed up. Such is life.

Once the competition was over and prizes were awarded, we drove off in search of lunch. After two failed attempts to eat some Japanese cuisine (one restaurant was closed early, the other was a packed-to-the-gills hole in the wall), we ended up eating at a nearby Boston Market.

So that’s it for spelling bees for the near future. Josh had a good run there, got some minor accolades, an article in the local newspaper, and some prize money. He is rightfully happy to be done memerizing words on endless sheets of paper!

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