Been using the Samsung Pay service (app?) and I think it’s pretty cool

With my new Galaxy S7 in hand (and in Philadelphia), I took the opportunity to try out the newish Samsung Pay mobile payment app/service. Normally I wouldn’t be all that interested, but Samsung was running a promotion through 3/31. If you registered and used it once, you earn a $30 gift card to these five specific retailers, e.g. Best Buy, Nike, Whole Foods, etc. I was most interested in the $30 Best Buy gift card.

It was easy enough. I registered through the app, took a picture of one of my supported credit cards, and set up a PIN (and my fingerprint.) On our very next taxicab ride, I selected ‘Credit’ as my payment option, selected the percentage for tip, swiped my finger on the fingerprint scanner / Home button, and pressed my phone against the key pad / NFC reader.

In a blink of an eye, it was done. Not bad. I usually have my wallet with me everywhere I go, but I guess if you have your phone in hand, you could skip pulling out your wallet.

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