Our November Trip to Washington DC – Day 4 (Sunday)

In the morning, we were up early, suitcase packed, and back on the road. Sunday was a fairly straightforward agenda. Breakfast with Nums’ friend Joshua, then visiting my sister-in-law Anju and family at their new house, and then eventually our own home.

Breakfast with Josh at Steak 'N Egg Kitchen

Breakfast with Josh at Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen

First up, driving back to Northwest Washington DC (again) for breakfast at Osman & Joe’s Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen on Wisconsin Ave. After walking around yesterday in the rain and in the cold without a jacket, I wasn’t feeling well. Turns out the Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen was only outdoor seating. In the cold. And I still didn’t have a jacket. Ugh. It’s an interesting place — it’s all long folding tables and chairs outside on a patio. Conceptually, I liked out minimalist it was. However, even though there weren’t that many patrons, and the menu items were fairly simple, it still took them about 35 minutes to get our food to us. I wouldn’t have normally minded it (maybe?), but I was freezing and on my 5th cup of weak coffee, trying to stay warm.

As soon as we could, we were back in the car, and driving to Baltimore. It took about an hour, but soon we saw the city skyline. Anju and her husband Sunny had only moved in on Saturday, so it’s been barely 24 hours. We hung out there for about two hours — enough time for the sisters to chat, the kids to run around, and for us to watch some silly karaoke videos that the kids put together.

The kids playing basketball in the driveway in the new house

The kids playing basketball in the driveway in the new house

Late afternoon, and it was time for my niece Sophia to go to her Girl Scouts meeting. It was also time to be on our way as well. We would have considered ourselves lucky to not encounter too much traffic on the way home, but alas, we were not that fortunate. We hit considerable traffic on I-95, so we took a quick break again at the Maryland House Travel Center. Oddly enough, Nums and Lily ran into the kids’ elementary school principal in the womens’ rest room. Turns out, the school principal had been visiting down in North or South Carolina for the weekend, and was on her way home too. What a coincidence.

Anyway, traffic lightened up, and we got home around 5:30 PM. Four days of travel, but we saw so many people (friends and family.) We also had an opportunity to experience some of the big museums, buildings, and memorials in DC for the first time. A total success in my book.

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