Our November Trip to Washington DC – Day 2 (Friday)

Lunch with Patrick & Arielle at Tortilla Coast

Lunch with Patrick & Arielle at Tortilla Coast

We drove into Washington DC around noon to meet Patrick and Arielle for lunch at Tortilla Coast in the Capitol Hill area. A very nice lunch. After we ate, Arielle was off to prepare for their honeymoon trip the next day, but Patrick came along for a tour of the Capitol Building that Arielle arranged through her old office.  We walked to the Senate offices, went through security, and met Spencer from the office of Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). He took us on the underground train to the US. Capitol, got us our badges, and took us on the official tour of the building. It was pretty neat.

After the tour, we went for a walk with Patrick down the Mall to the Washington Monument. The kids were pretty tired after that, so we called an Uber car, and got a ride back to the parking garage near Tortilla Coast. After we parted with Patrick (and wished him a great honeymoon trip to Iceland), we drove to Ashburn, Virginia, for dinner with Nums’ cousins and aunt.

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