We made Moroccan chicken for dinner, and it was damn good, people!


Delicious homemade Moroccan chicken. The Ipes did it again.

A few weeks ago, we made Moroccan chicken with roasted potatoes and side salad. Namita used some fancy dry rub, I grilled the chicken, and everything came out wonderfully. I forgot to mention it, but I saw the photo today on my phone.

Oh, nothing really more important to say. I still consider myself new to grilling, and while I’m nowhere as adept as my brother in law Robbie, I’m proud each and every time that I don’t destroy a meal on the grill. It only happened once this year when I didn’t notice a flare-up until it was too late. Otherwise, it’s been a year of smooth sailing. Err, grilling.

Side note: I love our Weber Genesis grill.

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