A Friday night in Freehold, or “Escape from Nicole!”


Dinner at A Little Bit of Cuba Dos in Freehold

A while back, one of our friends (Nicole) heard about this “Escape Room” place in Freehold. Apparently, you voluntarily pay money for an opportunity to get locked into a room, and you have an hour to “escape.” Sounded kinda interesting, but I had my doubts. If Hollywood (or Agatha Christie) had taught me anything, this was all an elaborate trap set by Nicole to exact some sort of revenge on us. Still, we went along with it, but I kept one eye open.

So after I got back from work on a Friday night, and Nums dropped the kids off with her parents for the weekend (more or less), we changed and dressed up for the evening. First was dinner at A Little Bit of Cuba Dos on Main St. Good food, but we all kept it simple. Limited appetizers, and a lot of skirt steak. After sufficiently drinking, we walked down the street to The Amazing Escape Room. We met up with Jason & Symma, got locked in the room, and proceeded to be frustrated for 60 minutes. It wasn’t a bad experience, but I think we could have used more help in the beginning.

After “escaping”, we walked back to the main area near the Cuban place, and while contemplating places to go drink, we were lured into the American Hotel by the sounds of 80’s – 90’s Freestyle. At some point, when we had more or less run out of money on drinks, and had sufficiently danced the night away, we all called it a night.

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