National Lampoon’s Ipe Family Vacation – Day 5 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was a fairly quiet or easy day. Doug and Kathy had a few errands to run, so we took the kids to Cumberland Park near that pedestrian bridge that I liked. We had the kids wear their swim clothes, packed a few supplies, and drove into Nashville. From the online pictures and the map, we thought this park was large and easy to find.

Um, no. We circled around and around outside of the Tennessee Titans Nissan Stadium, and found (1) no park and (2) government parking only signs (with firm “Violators will be towed.” warnings.) Eventually we did find a parking lot entrance where we saw mothers and children in swim attire walking away. Had to here, yes? We took our chances by parking in the same lot with the tow warnings, took our gear, and went walking.

Finally found the park practically under one end of the pedestrian bridge. While it’s certainly a nice little park, I can not stress how small it was. Proves once again that one can be very deceptive depending on your camera angles. Well, whatever. We parked ourselves under a foot bridge for shade from the Tennessee sun, and let the kids play for some time. Eventually, we walked them over to the tiny rope climb and a tinier rock wall. And that was basically it. There was supposed to be another spray ground and we found it nearby, but it was off and devoid of people.

Not at all what we were expecting, based on the pictures. Oh well. Kids still had a good time. I think they were visibly tired of all the driving and sitting, including the trolley tour yesterday.

We wanted to walk across the pedestrian bridge, but it was 100 degrees and humid, so we decided to go home.

Once we got near home, grabbed lunch at a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings, then we relaxed at home for a short while.

Wednesday night dinner at Merchants in the heart of Nashville

Wednesday night dinner at Merchants in the heart of Nashville

Only a few hours later, we freshened up, then all 6 of us got back in our car to head to Nashville for dinner at Merchants. It was a fairly swanky restaurant for Nashville. We were meeting a friend of Kathy and Doug who lives in the area and works for CMT. Really nice dinner, by the way.

Around 8:30 pm, we settled up the bill, and made our way via taxicab to the Hermitage Hotel. We were meeting up for a walking “ghost tour” of Nashville — Haunted Downtown Nashville Tour. We walked around for about 70 minutes with our tour guide telling us some potentially tall tales. Every so often, Josh wanted to take photos looking for ghostly orbs of light…. the presence of ghosts. Hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

After a few photos in front of the famous Ryman Auditorium, that was it for the evening. Drove home to finish the laundry and get some much needed rest.

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