National Lampoon’s Ipe Family Vacation – Day 3 (Monday)


We are about to enter… “The Tomb!”

Monday morning, I kinda wanted us to get up early and get an early start, but some short people wanted to sleep in a little while longer. We gave them a little extra time to snore, then we got them ready and downstairs for the Hampton Inn breakfast. Not a lot of selection, but they did have two full size waffle makers.

Once we checked out, we drove over to The Tomb adventure. Didn’t know what to expect from I exactly. We tried to go to it last night but they closed early. Thankfully they were open this morning. We went in and waited in the lobby, and watched scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There was an Egyptian motif. Eventually our “guide” showed up and started our adventure. They had “recently” discovered a new Egyptian tomb 10 years ago, but couldn’t get in. A professor back then had tried to enter, but seemingly got locked in there, never to return. Now it was our job to try to unlock the tomb and its mysteries.

I had no idea what to expect, but it was a fun little interactive adventure / activity. We ended up “trapped” in the tomb with our guide, and the spirit of the Pharaoh came alive and challenged us with multiple tasks in various room. There were puzzles, jokes, etc, etc, and it was fun to do it together. I’d highly recommend it. Afterwards, we went back to MagiQuest to redeem and use our previously-purchased tickets for the Mirror Maze (good but disorienting), Laser-something-something-challenge (kids only, parents chilled out), and then we wrapped it all up with a pirate-themed mini golf game.

when they pirate

when they pirate

We grabbed a quick bite at Steak ‘N Shake, which was enjoyable, except Lily seemed cranky and out of sorts. Not sure what the deal was, but she ate a tiny bit of her lunch. Maybe 20 minutes later in the car, she got sick, so we had to pull over to clean up both her and the car. Once that happened, she was feeling much better. No, we have no idea what the deal was. Something from breakfast?

Back on the road for the next 4-5 hours, and we passed through the Smoky Mountains as well as Knoxville. Great sights driving through all those mountains and valleys. We arrived in Mount Juliet, in the suburbs of Nashville, around 4 pm or so. Doug and Kathy were still doing errands, so we waiting around outside for them to return. They arrived eventually, and we got the tour of the place. Really nice. Doug and I later made a run to the nearest Publix to pick up some key groceries, and then we had a delicious pasta night.

Finally made it!

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