Carmen’s rockin’ 40th birthday party

Our friend Carmen celebrated her 40th birthday this weekend, and her husband Lasanta threw a huge birthday party at their house Saturday night. Live band (“Outsourced”), great music bartender, dancing.

We invited a bunch of friends over to our house for appetizers, drinks, and dinner ahead of the party. It was a hectic day for us, as we had a Cub Scout popcorn fundraiser that morning, Lily’s dance class, a failed attempt to dump stuff at the county’s recycling day, a house to finish cleaning, food and liquor to buy, and dinner to make.

All before 6:30 pm.

Somehow, as always, we pulled it off. Everything turned out well. Around 8:30 pm, we stumbled down the street to the main event.

The facts gets a little fuzzy after that.

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