Pictures from Justin & Alicia’s wedding

Last Saturday, we drove out to Long Island to attend Justin & Alicia’s wedding. We knew Justin from my days where we all attended the same Church of South India congregation out in Westchester. I haven’t been to that church in over a decade, but we’ve seen the members from time to time at various events. We also see them via social media.

The wedding started at 9 am, but there was no reasonable way for us to be up and out the door by 7 am, in order to make it to the wedding. We decided to skip the wedding, and attempt to make it to the reception on time instead. The rest of my family, all coming from Central / South Jersey, decided on the same plan. Unfortunately, Manhattan and Long Island traffic on a Saturday had other plans. We all got stuck in traffic trying to get through Midtown, getting through the Queens Midtown Tunnel, and then battled the congested Long Island Expressway for three hours. Let me repeat: three hours. By the time we ourselves got there, it was way past appetizers and cocktails, and they were just taking the lunch selections. At least we made it to that.

It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces, and to briefly catch up. While my parents were seated at a separate table, my sister’s family, our family, and other friends, were all seated at our table. So we had some good company. We stayed for as long as we could, but then had to get on the road, in order to get home for the next set of activities planned for that night with friends.

Of course, we got caught in traffic on a completely different route on the way to the George Washington Bridge, and saw a pretty scary section of the Bronx, but we made it home in one piece.

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