Nicole’s Birthday Dinner at Peking Pavillion

This past Friday night, we met up with neighborhood friends to celebrate Nicole’s birthday. The venue was a fancy Chinese restaurant called Peking Pavilion in Manalapan NJ. We had the kids stay over with my in-laws, which would allow us to keep the revelry going way past reasonable hours. Everyone else had their kids stay elsewhere, so game on.

Unfortunately, I got out of work much later than planned, so I raced home, and Nums got a ride to the restaurant. I showered and changed, and raced to Manalapan. Of course, I was nearly out of gas, so I had to stop briefly at a small gas station, threw $5 cash at the attendant, and peeled out of there. I arrived just as they were all ordering drinks and appetizers, so not bad.

Good time at dinner, and we met up afterwards at Teo & Sofia’s house for drinks, and few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Good times.

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