Mother’s Day 2015 with the Ipes

Mother’s Day weekend was a fairly simple affair this year. We had my parents over for BBQ on Saturday. On Sunday, did gift giving in the morning, church, and had a Mother’s Day brunch at a local restaurant nearby.

I have to say that my wife (like many of us) are never prepared for the rigors of parenting. Some people may do it well. As seen in the news every day, too many do it poorly. For the rest of us, we somehow muddle through it and get somewhat normal people at the end.

My wife is one of those people who never trained to be a parent, but she gives her heart and soul to balance work and keeping the family together. Managing activities and responsibilities, checking off completed tasks on the varied lists, and making time to be ‘Mystery Reader’ at school, and things like that.

Parenting is hard for many, but women know how to take it the extra mile. Namita is quite amazing in the regard, and I appreciate her for it a little more every day.

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