Flag planting with the Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts

On Friday, I had a half day, which was nice, and I got home around 4 pm. Many Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts in the area would be meeting up at 4:15 pm at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery, a state-owned cemetary for veterans, to plant flags at 5 pm. I’m not sure where everyone got the same flags, but it was certainly a sight.

Lily went early with her Girl Scout Troop, and I took Josh in my car to the cemetery in Burlington county. It’s a large cemetary, and there was a traffic jam of cars all trying to get in. Josh and I parked on the perifery and ended up hoofing it to the complete other side of the cemetery to where our Pack was assigned. Yeesh.

At 5 pm, they all started planting flags and the Scouts were done in about 20 minutes. After some pictures, most everyone headed home. They had hot dogs for sale but the lines were long. Instead, everyone eventually got home, and I grilled up some dinner.

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