Josh and I attended Cubarama this weekend – October 2014

Josh and I attended this past weekend’s Cubarama event over at Mercer County Community College. It was a two part event, actually.

  1. Walk around at least eight stations and earn your Emergency Preparedness patch
  2. Register and attend the 2.5 hour Readyman set of classes to learn about first aid, identifying types of burns, aiding people, etc, and earn your Readyman patch

I picked up the kids from their overnight with my in-laws, dropped off Lily at home, and we rushed off to the college campus. I tried to switch Josh to the AM Readyman, but we were too late for that. Instead we walked the stations, and got him his first patch of the day. Besides putting out a mock fire with a fire extinguisher, the highlight would certainly have to be the National Guard’s rock wall, which that boy successfully climbed four times. The first time he went up, he made it all the way to the top. Afterwards, he said it was the first time that he ever made it all the way up. To savor that some more, he made sure to do it three more times that morning.

In afternoon after eating inexpensive some dirty water dogs, I checked in for Readyman, then left to run some errands. I picked him up around 3:30pm, Readyman patch in hand.

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