It has been a crazy few months

Sometimes I look around the house, and I am struck by conflicting thoughts.
1. How much we have accomplished since July.

2. How much we have not accomplished since July.

The last time we moved, I was back at work fairly immediately, and we let the house develop its own organization. We spent months without unpacking many boxes. Tasks like decorating took nearly a decade. This time around, I took a week off to handle the move, including a few days later to unpack.

While I would say we got a lot done that week, there is always more to do! We have a patio (sans umbrella.) Most rooms have furniture. We have been decorating. We’ve put in new carpeting and closets. We’ve painted and filled in the blanks. We still have many boxes in both the garage and storage rooms to unpack. We are still working out exactly where to put things.

Life is a work in progress, so we are doing what we can, with what little free time we can. Between our work schedules, catching up on work, trying to sell the townhouse, micromanaging the kids, and their extracurricular activities (karate, girl scouts, cub scouts), and church stuff, we have a full plate at a buffet.

This weekend, I made real progress on setting up the home theater in the basement. I mention this, because the home theater is important to me, and it has taken until October to get even this far. So… think about THAT.

It is all a work in progress, and we can’t do everything. I know it. It’s hard to see unpacked boxes week after week, or home projects sitting unstarted, and not get frustrated.

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