Verizon Wifi hotspots are only compatible with Windows laptops

During my decision making process on whether to purchase either a wifi-only tablet or an LTE version, I was fully aware of the pros and cons. I had to balance the associated costs. Despite what the kids think, the bank doesn’t continually dispense money ad infinitum.

Getting the wifi-only model is cheaper in in terms of both the upfront cost of the device, as well as the backend monthly data plan. The caveat is you will be limited on where you can use it. While an LTE model is more expensive overall, I can use it more places. For a long time, I thought I would get the LTE iPad, but ultimately went the other direction — Android wifi only. Now I want wifi hotspots wherever I can find them.

Verizon offers an additional benefit to a certain tier of their FiOS customers — Verizon Wifi Internet Service — use of wifi hotspots in multiple locations through a partnership with Boingo Wireless, the same folks who provide and manage wireless infrastructure at airports and hotels. I checked their website for more information, and there are two wrinkles or monkey wrenches with this idea:

1. The physical sites are mainly limited in NY and NJ to hotel lobbies. Why would I go there without being a hotel customer?

2. Worse yet, due to the nature of the authentication process to ensure YOU are indeed a Verizon FiOS customer, the necessary software to download is only compatible with MS Windows laptops. No Apple Macs, no iPads, and no Android tablets.

That doesn’t help me.

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