Ted (2012)

I missed the beginning, but I watched Ted through the magic of HBO this week. This is is that Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane raunchy comedy about a child’s teddy bear coming to life because of a childhood wish. Fast forward 27 years later, and you’ve got a grown man with a talking teddy bear… with a mouth. According to IMDB.com,

As the result of a childhood wish, John Bennett’s teddy bear, Ted, came to life and has been by John’s side ever since – a friendship that’s tested when Lori, John’s girlfriend of four years, wants more from their relationship.

The film was written and directed by Seth MacFarlane, he of Family GuyAmerican DadThe Cleveland Show (and hosting the 2013 85th Annual Academy Awards show) fame. I was supposed to go see this film in the theaters last year, but, as sometimes happens, the timing never quite worked out. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. Pretty raunchy language, so I wouldn’t recommend watching it with the kids around. I actually enjoy a good raunchy comedy, and this was pretty good. Maybe it’s watching a teddy bear say certain things that you wouldn’t expect the Snuggles teddy bear say, so maybe that’s part of the appeal. The story revolves around Mark Wahlberg’s now-grown-up character John who is still best buddies with his teddy bear Ted. John works a dead-end job at a car rental service, smokes weed, drinks a lot, and watches a lot of TV with Ted. He’s got a girlfriend Lori (played by Mila Kunis), but I’m not exactly sure how normal she would be to continue to date this man-child for four years. Love is blind, I suppose. She does want him to move on with his life, act his age, start prioritizing their relationship. Kinda hard to do that when hanging out with Ted can be so much fun. Hilarity ensues.

Good film, and I’d recommend it.

Ted (2012)

Ted (2012)

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