National Night Out

We attended our 2nd National Night Out event, held at the Police Athletic Fields in our town.

National Night Out is an annual summer event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watches in which precincts organize anti-crime rallies with the participation of local business and civic organizations. Various Police Department units present displays, and other City, State and Federal agencies also take part. National Night Out has proven to be an effective and enjoyable police/community partnership. It is held on the first Tuesday of August every year.

Once you find parking, it’s a lot of police cars, fire trucks, ambulances on display, and children are allowed to get in for tours. They have games on the field, free food, rock walls, face painting, etc. I was running late after work, so Namita took the kids there, and I met up with them after going home to change out of my work clothes. I also planned to go to the gym right after National Night Out. This year was better, because the kids got to get their faces painted, we saw more people that we knew, and the free hot dogs / hamburgers, snacks, drinks, and ice cream hadn’t run out yet. Last year, all the food had run out, so we had to eat at Wendy’s afterwards. The line for face painting was an hour long last year, and I didn’t have the patience to wait on line with the kids all that time, so there was much crying and gnashing of teeth last year.

Much better than last year.

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