I can’t believe it’s August already

I can’t believe it’s August already. But isn’t that always the case? The year moves so fast. It feels like only yesterday that I drafted my annual development plan. It feels like only yesterday that summer was going to start. It feels like only yesterday that I said I was going to have 4 months to lose weight before I turned 37.

The summer is half over, and I feel as if time is running out on the year. I have less thsn four months before the end of the year. How do I expect to finish a million tasks on my plate before then? Gagh!

It has been a fast year for myself and the rest of the Ipes. Not everything has gone according to plan. Some of that is good, but for others, that’s disappointing.

As a family, we are spending more time together. We are still running around a lot, but it is not as bad as last year. Between swimming, soccer, dance, and everything else last year, this year it has been more reasonable. And less hectic. Instead, we are doing more dinners out, visiting Six Flags Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor, going to the beach, and generally fun stuff.

We went on one road trip (to Virginia), which although brief, was a nice change from the usual routine, and a fine opportunity to see some of Namita’s extended family. We also have our 10 year anniversary trip to Cancun all planned out for later this year. All inclusive resort, sandy beaches, Caribbean blue ocean. It is hard to beat that.

I got myself a new car this year. We returned the old Nissan Sentra, and moved on up to the Maxima. It’s a pretty decent car, but the Taurus in me would have enjoyed a few more bells and whistles. I definitely enjoy the faster engine pickup compared to the Sentra.

I have to say that I have watched a lot of films this year, both new and old. How many? Try 21 films in the past eight months. I’m kinda proud of it, and yet there are so many more classic films that I still have on my list for this year.

I can’t believe that I switched over to the world of Google Android. I’ve owned two iPods and an iPhone, with lots of music and video on my PC. Still, you can’t blame me. Over the years, I was constantly frustrated by iCloud not working correctly, iTunes screwing up my Outlook Contacts and Calendar, and being generally bored with iOS. I still haven’t migrated my music over to my Galaxy S4, nor do Isync my Outlook Calendar anymore. However, I do like Jellybean, the Google ecosystem, and the larger Galaxy screen.

Not everything smells like roses in the land of Ipe:

I never get much of an opportunity to ride my bike on the weekends. Too much to do on the weekends. I also think some of the joy of riding died a little after my accident in 2011. I hope it comes back.

My 2nd year at my current job has had its fair share of dramatic moments. Plenty that I could have lived without, and that’s all I have to say about that.

CISSP studying? See above.

My plan to lose 13 lbs. this year has been slow going at best. My diet is reasonable, but I don’t get to the gym 3x a week like I should. I’m often too tired at night, and I oversleep in the mornings.

So, yes, an interesting year so far, with plenty of positives and negatives. I suppose that can be expected. Here is to hoping the next four months are good ones.

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