Bought a MoKo case for my Nexus 7

I’m not big on protective covers or cases for phones. I’m sure they are a good idea, but every case that I have seen makes your phone bulky, and every protective film dulls the screen brightness, catches dust, or develops one of those irritating bubbles. Of course, that would explain why my old iPhone 4 was cracked and scratched, and I now have a slight scratch on the screen of my Galaxy S4.

Thinking about our upcoming trip, however, and I realize that I have no way to protect my tablet as I carry it in my backpack through airports or on the beach. Hmmm, maybe a case would be a good idea in that kind of situation. So I ordered a black Moko case for about $16. Looks nice.


MoKo case for the 2nd gen N7, black carbon fiber


MoKo case, inside

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