A Sunday afternoon at Hurricane Harbor

After relaxing at home for the entire morning and half of the afternoon, we got dressed up and made our way to Hurricane Harbor, down at Six Flags. We considered what to eat for lunch, but to save time, we ended up deciding to eat lunch at Hurricane Harbor itself. I was expecting some price gouging on food costs, but I was still shocked to see $6.99 pizza slices and $10.99 cheeseburgers. Price gouging to the extreme. After lunch, we walked around a bit, then Nums and the kids went to the Lazy River. My toes and feet were still scraped up from the day before in Long Beach Island, so I sat on the sidelines and watched the sandals and bag. I wanted to try a water slide with Josh, but the lines were very long. We ended up going to the Wave Pool for an hour or so. Around 6:30pm, the wave pool closed down, and the park was closing. We went back to the car, and drove home.

So, first time for me at Hurricane Harbor. Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. This particular park closes in the early evening, and most people hang out  until the park closes. As a result, there were long lines for most of the slides, even on a Sunday. Are we resigned to waiting on long lines? If you want a water 1-2 person water tube for riding on the Lazy River (or other water rides?), you really need to spend additional money to rent one for the day. After all the money you conceivably spend on the park ticket or season pass, the parking, and the food, you still have to spend more money for water tubes also?

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