A romantic dinner for two at Bradley Beach

After a long hectic two weeks, we desperately needed a date night. The big family vacation is almost here, but we needed a short breather. The kids attended their last “Friday Night Out” event (kid sitting service offered by the daycare from 7pm – 11pm on Friday nights once a month), and I dropped off pajamas and paymenr for them. I also picked up cash and wine for dinner. I had everything planned out: leave by 7pm, dinner at Bradley Beach, ice cream, then a walk on the beach.

Best laid plans, my friends. By 7pm, I was ready, but poor Namita was stuck in traffic on a Friday night on the NJ Turnpike. Bollocks! She eventually got home at 7:45pm, changed, and we were off. We had dinner outside at Bamboo Leaf on Main st, but in the interest of time (and full stomachs), we skipped ice cream at the Beach Plum Ice Cream Parlor. We drove a few blocks to the beach, laid down a blanket, and sat under the stars and clear skies, and listened to the ocean.

We should do this more often.


Our wine choices this evening


Dinner with a beauty at Bamboo Leaf


Sitting under the stars on Bradley Beach

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