July 4th BBQ and Fireworks in Trenton

July 4th, and we didn’t have any huge plans on the itinerary. We drove down to south Jersey for a BBQ at my sister’s place, and a plan to see the fireworks in their neighborhood. We would have seen the fireworks in our town, but they were postponed to Friday, July 5th, due to the park allegedly being muddy. Rats!

Around 8pm, we all jumped into our cars, and drove down to the neighboring town of Pittman. Unfortunately, we saw signs indicating that the fireworks had been postponed to July 5th. Double rats! My wife did a little hunting while we were driving away from the park, and found that there would be fireworks after the Trenton Thunder game, probably around 9:30pm. Ooooh, but would we make it in 45 mins? We drove to Trenton, parked illegally, and walked over to the waterfront. The Trenton Thunder game ran late, so we ended up standing around along the waterfront just outside the stadium for 45 mins. Thankfully, the fireworks were up close and a good display.

Waiting for the fireworks in Trenton

Waiting for the fireworks in Trenton

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